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The Museum of Sushi

The Pairing of Sushi

How much do you think you know about Sushi?
Your 2 hours in the ZeroGround start from understanding sushi with your head and sense of taste,
just like “different aging duration”, “farmed or wild”, “different methods of treatment”, and “place of catch”.
In the Museum of Sushi, you will see how it gets different from those aspects and learn what make a sushi good sushi.

Molecular Sushi Gastronomy

What if sushi no longer is a fruit of the sea

Sushi is a traditional cuisine of Japanese, just sounds like a symbol of authoritarianism.
Said, looking down the history of sushi it turns out that it has been tremendously influenced by foreign cultures.
For, it originally started in South East Asia as a mountain ration and came up to Japan by 1000+ years ago. In our sushi gastronomy, let’s see what happens when the concept of sushi gets deconstructed.

MENU: Sushi of Earth, Sushi of Flame, Kinetic Sushi

Michelin Class Sushi Making

Where your soul rediscovers sushi

With our sushi master’s taught, try your hand to make your own sushi.
Doing and watching are totally different manners of learning.
Hands-on lesson of sushi making class will give you the sushi understandings of a whole different level.

With the ingredients of Michelin class restaurants.

The Museum of Sushi

30 min

Pairing of Seasonal Sushi & Sashimi

the difference from duration of aging,
the difference of treatment,
the place of catch,
and different temperature and size of rice.

Sushi Gastronomy

30 min

Sushi of Earth: edible soil and fruits of the earth,
Sushi of Flame: aburi sushi and dancing fire
and Kinetic Sushi: sushi rice on scale beach and Dashi lake fish

Sushi Making

30 min

Hands-on lesson of Nigiri & Temaki style sushi with
3 – 5 kinds of supreme ingredients from the fish market.

Meal time

30 min
Gather together to have your own sushi in the appropriate manners.

In the style of Underground Restaurant,
and sake pairing is available as an option.

Tokyo Sushi Club -Salt & Sushi-

7 - 9 pm 29th Sep, 2018
The 1st Tokyo Sushi Club on 29th Sep ’18 is about “Salt & Sushi”.
Salt, an essential material for our body and Mother Sea of seafood, happens to have deep relationship with sushi.
From the perspective of sushi gastronomy of Sushi Mafia, let’s see how our soul rediscovers sushi.


Tokyo Sushi Club -Molecular Sushi Gastronomy-

4 - 7 pm, 13th Oct, 2018
The 2nd Tokyo Sushi Club on 13th Oct, 2018 is a new sushi entertainment “Molecular Sushi Gastronomy: ZeroGround” comes with the sections of A. The Museum of Sushi, B. Molecular Sushi Gastronomy, C. Interactive Sushi Experience.

第二回のテーマは「分子鮨ガストロノミー:ゼログラウンド」。お鮨に分子料理の要素を取り入れた、鮨マフィアが手がける鮨エンターテイメント体験イベントです。A. 鮨博物館、B. 分子鮨ガストロノミー、C. 鮨交流体験 の3つのテーマで構成されています。